What is a mandala?

A mandala is a term used to describe a circular design whose components represent a large concept, community or cosmos. Read more about it here.

What is an Imandala?

Imandala is a dynamic, interactive mandala generating system which uses both ancient and modern principles of design, language and psychology.

What does an Imandala Do?

An Imandala can be used in a variety of situations, allowing an individual or group to be immersed in a first hand experience of creating a collective work of art. This process has been ideal for use in team building, peaceful conflict resolution, unlocking creative blocks, social networking, group meditation and fun at parties. The range of applicability with an Imandala is vast and can provide great rewards for both participants and spectators whether it is used at a casual celebration or as a feature or focus in a workshop or retreat.

How can I participate in an Imandala

Imandala workshops are open to all interested participants. Individuals can "sign up" for advanced notice of future workshops. Custom Imandala installations can be set up in nearly any venue; a home, office, outdoor or rented space.

Can I have an Imandala created in my home or office?

Yes. It is not uncommon to host an Imandala workshop for a select group of friends or colleagues. Installations can be a unique feature to a space or event.

Why would I use an Imandala?

The Imandala was originally developed to provide a credible means of conflict resolution using visual art as a non-linear language. In the time since its original conception, the Imandala has proven useful in team building and the creation of common experience within a diverse group of individuals. Participants will find themselves on a level plane where creative or artistic hierarchy is abolished and replaced with a shared pool of creative potential. The Imandala can unlock creative blocks for an individual or group as well as releasing inhibitions for people who consider themselves "un-artistic" or "non-creative."

Who gets to keep the finished Imandala?

Many of the large scale Imandala projects are stored together and displayed during select workshops. Custom Imandala projects have been used as gifts, where in the select group work together towards a finished piece which is then kept by the recipient of this gift.

Can I do an Imandala even if I'm not artistic?

Absolutely. Many participants have reported an elevated sense of creative freedom and artistic talent while participating in the creation of an Imandala. A governing theory behind this phenomena is the idea that artistic ability is a contextual state and under the appropriate circumstances such abilities can be shared between people of various degrees of experience and skill.

Do you have to know how to paint to do an Imandala?

The basics of working with paints can easily be taught to any participant.

Is an Imandala messy?

When working with paints, appropriate measures are taken to insure easy clean-up and to keep paints contained to the workshop area. An Imandala can also be created without the use of liquid paints, these are often of a smaller size and more intimate setting; such as at kitchen table or patio.

How much space does an Imandala need?

An Imandla can be created at almost any size, though its size will indicate the number of individuals who can participate in it's creation at any given moment. Smaller pieces have been made to fit on a table surface with room for supplies. Larger pieces have required more space, using multiple customize tables and have even being mounted upon a wall. Another consideration for determining the size of your Imandala would be the number of people expected to participate in its creation.

Can I give an Imandala as a gift?


How old must you be to do an Imandala?

Both adults and children have participated in Imandala creations in the past, with interesting and exciting results. Generally it has been observed that younger participants are less inhibited when involved in such a creative effort and tend to not need some of the structural elements employed to enable adult participants full access to their creative potential.

How do I start?

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